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Ello everyone

Ello everyone

Crabspider32 here. The old site was loaded with spam comments, slow, and was infected with all sorts of fun things because we were running on a really outdated version of WordPress. Now I’m reviving this website and revamping it and updating some of the pages, as well as bringing back some old pages from, if you remember that site. Might take a bit to get stuff back up, but I got it bros. Trust me.

A lot of things have happened since the site started in 2010. Wars have started and fought. Entire new countries have formed. Three people have been US president. The game we all know and love shut down, and was replaced with a whole new game – which also shut down!

And yet, despite all that, we’re still here, blogging about that little penguin clicker game that’s been bringing us together for all those years – even years after it’s been closed. If you’re still here, after all these years, I thank you from my heart.

With all that sappy stuff aside, let’s get blogging!

Oh, and I also added HTTPS and IPv6 support! Pretty neato, eh?

Stay tuned!


Holy cow! I've been blogging about Club Penguin since 2008! If that doesn't scream "virgin", I dunno what does!

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